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About me

To keep it short.

My name is Drijon Halili and I'm a full stack web developer.
I started learning programming when I was 14 years old, I am 20 now.
In my free time I like developing projects, so I can test and improve my skills.

As a 16 year old I've participated in tech events such as Albania ICT where I did a presentation a project I had developed that time using WordPress. It was a booking website where users could look through a variaety of hotels and book them.
In KOS ICT I presented a social media website which I had created using WordPress. It was very similar to Facebook because it had the same features + a live chat where users could message with each-other.
Then also I participated as a semi-finalist in November Code Fest where I showcased my Java application which was a Bus Lines Management System. Users could see bus lines, and Admin could manage the application (modifying bus lines / admins)

• Work Experience
- I began my journey at StarLabs as a Full-stack developer intern. During my time there, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a team on the development of a professional website called Save The Trees This internship helped me develop my teamwork and communication skills. On the technical side, I got into using Tailwind CSS and learned how to use project management tools like JIRA.
- I completed another internship at Digital School, where I had the opportunity to teach programming concepts to children. It was a truly rewarding and amazing experience.
- Currently I work as a Front-End Developer at A&O Hostels. In this role, I am responsible for creating new web pages and implementing new features, as well as making modifications to existing ones. I use HTML , CSS, JavaScript, and Vue.js to accomplish these tasks.